Université Grenoble Alpes


UGA is one of the major multidisciplinary French universities with 55000 students and 100 research
laboratories. With 9000 foreign students, half of the PhD students coming from all over the world, and more
than 8000 researchers visiting every year, UGA is an internationally engaged university.
The LPMMC is a theoretical physics laboratory, joint research unit of UGA and CNRS, focusing on
condensed matter and quantum physics, organized into four research axes: statistical physics, mesoscopic
physics, quantum physics and many-body physics. The atomtronics research line is at the frontier among the
two latter axes and benefits of the very stimulating environment of the Grenoble site, where quantum
technologies have been largely funded by the Idex program and currently benefits from the newly funded
French national quantum plan (‘Plan Quantique’).

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Project Leader

Principle Investigator:
Anna Minguzzi (anna.minguzzi@lpmmc.cnrs.fr)

Project Details

The main goal of the PhD project in Grenoble is to characterize theoretically a continuous atom laser, taking profit of the Unit expertise in modeling ultracold gases and in simulating non-equilibrium steady states by the stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii equation. In particular the PhD project will be devoted to understand the intrinsic nature of this type of out-of-equilibrium condensate and estimate its coherence properties and its phase and number fluctuations. Furthermore, the PhD project will focus on the motion of ultracold atoms in other atomtronics geometries, such as ring traps.