LioniX International BV


LioniX International is a leading global provider of customized microsystem solutions, in particular integrated photonics-based, in scalable production volumes. We provide customized solutions for OEM’s and system Integrators, by vertical integration, from design to fully assembled modules. We continuously maintain our technology leadership secured in a strong IP position. Currently LioniX International employs nearly 50 highly educated people, and its management has multiple decades of combined experience in micro/nano system technology.

Project Leader

Project Details

As PhD student at Lionix you will become member of our Opto-Electronic Systems team, you will work on the design, fabrication and test of cutting edge integrated photonic lasers for a wide range of applications in the field of atom interferometry and quantum computing. In close collaboration with partners in the MAWI project you will translate requirements into integrated photonic devicearchitectures.In addition, as MAWI project leader you will manage the fabrication of the devices and systems, closely interacting with our IC design, fabrication and assembly teams and you will contribute to the experimental characterisation of these devices and systems together with your colleagues in the Opto-Electronic Systemsteam.